Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Use of Reclaimed Wood for a Resort Design

For nearly 4 years now, I’ve been working on Maribago Bluewater beach resort, Mactan, Cebu as their design consultant. The pavillions, Spa, swimming pool area etc, are all my designs. Here are some photos of my baby…

All woods used are reclaimed from century old houses. For anyone planning on an Asian vacation with their family, Check this baby out. To view more photos of the resort, follow this link.

Have a blessed week!


  1. I find your fascination with reclaimed wood really inspiring. I am currently taking up my thesis in Interior design and reclaimed wood is one of the materials I'll be applying in my designs. Since you've experienced using reclaimed woods in your designs, how do you get those woods? And as I've read in your other articles, that you usually get the woods from old houses. Do you pay for those woods you get and how much do they cost? Where can you get reclaimed wood other than old houses?

    I do hope you would reply. Thank you and God bless:)